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About Leir 7

Leir 7 was founded in 2007 in Stykkishólmur (Vest Iceland) by Sigríður Erla Guðmundsdóttir. The main goal of Leir 7 is to use the Icelandic clay (from Ytri - Fagridalur) for production of practicable and art work.

Sigríður founded Leir 7 with the goal of using her specialized knowledge on the Icelandic clay, but through the years, she has gained an extensive experience working with and adapting methods to work on Icelandic clay. Along with using Icelandic clay in her own work, Sigríður has worked with and shared her experience with students from Iceland Academy of the Art and The Reykjavik School of Visual Art.

The fundament for Leir 7 is thus the clay found in Iceland and Sigríður´s knowledge on Icelandic clay and ceramic.

Leir 7 designs and produces products for individuals and companies that desire specialized products related to their activities. Leir 7 works with designers and professionals to produce ambitious work that is made from the land. Therefore, forces of specialization on design, production from Icelandic clay, production procedure, marketing and optimism can be joined resulting in high quality products.  

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